We are a non-profit organization devoted to the collecting, researching, and preserving of old bottles, jars, and related items. The majority of bottles of interest to our members date from the 19th and early 20th centuries prior to the invention of the bottle making machine, which was used almost universally in the U.S. by around 1920.

OBCA Officers
President - Mark Junker
Vice President - Wayne Herring
Secretary/Treasurer/Editor - Bill Bogynska
Librarian - Dave Johnson
Webmasters - Scott Slowter and son
Show Chairman - Wayne Herring

Contact us to learn more about our newsletter,
The Stumptown Report.

We meet on the second Friday of each month, September - May 7:00 PM in the Mt. Scott Community Center.

Non members are welcome to join meetings.
We love welcoming new guests!