Upcoming Events

Bottle, Antique, and Collectibles Show and Sale

Next Event: 

12-5 PM Set-up
 $5.00 Early Bird Admission
Dealer drop-off at 11 AM

 9 AM - 3 PM                                                  
Admission by donation at the door.

For more information and/or table reservations call Wayne Herring (503)864-2009 or Bill Bogynska at (503)657-1726 or email at billbogy7@gmail.com.

Thank you.

American Legion Hall, 3rd & Main St.
Aurora, Oregon

   Sorry to say our September and February show is canceled due to covid. Hope all stay safe and we will get through it. I hope we can get together for our next show keep checking with the officers and our web site for info. Keep thinking bottles.